Just got an email from a listener… or maybe just someone who listened to a segment I did with my cohost a week ago. He was pretty much disgusted. He wrote me a mini dissertation. I’m not going to mention him or put him on blast, since he wrote the letter privately. I am going to talk about it. Maybe he’ll comment here.

The gist of his email:

“Stop spreading hate. The media [and blacks] are making the painful past much worse by continuing the ‘oppression’ narrative. Your platform would be more effectively used if you encouraged your people to behave.”

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I use my platform to to talk about the fear I live in everyday. The true worry – that I – my brother – my sister – my cousin – my future son – could be the next trending hashtag in the matter of a negligent second. I’m sorry that it’s disturbing to me.

It’s bothersome. It’s startling. It’s scary. It’s painful. It’s wrong.
It’s wrong. It’s wrong.

I’m sorry. Is that what they want from us?
Sorry for talking about it. Sorry we don’t really see it.
Sorry, it’s not real.
Sorry, we’re using it as an excuse to get ahead.
Sorry, we’re using it as an excuse to get a hand out.

No. I’m not sorry. We are not sorry. We are not.

I was taught to love everyone — and I do. I see people for who they are: people. It’s who I am. I genuinely choose to believe that most people are like me. They love people.

My love for everyone doesn’t mean that we don’t need to address injustice in this country. We were all quick to scream ‘down with the terrorists’ when we thought there was another attack on the US. Injustice against Americans.

Police brutality is injustice. It just is. One more time — police brutality, is injustice. Maybe we’ve been saying it wrong. We put race in the mix and said — ‘black life’ matters. Maybe that wasn’t impactful. Maybe it didn’t connect the dots for you. Truthfully, you might not give a damn about black life. You think you do, but you don’t. You’ll read this and think: ‘he couldn’t possibly be thinking about me.’ I am. You follow me. You like the posts that you really like, and you ignore the ones with the real shit.

This is what I do know. You do, give a damn about life. You give a damn when it’s perceived that ‘all of America’ is under attack. You want us to come together and get the ‘big back guys!’ ISIS is reigning terror on America, and we should unite.

What about America reigning terror on America?
It’s annoying when we talk about it isn’t it? Yet, I’m still talking.
Instead of choosing to believe that we’re telling the truth about a real problem, you try to poke holes.

What about ‘black on black’ crime? Stop. it. Stop your shit.
Race on race crime is a thing. It happens. In every community. The narrative doesn’t have to be changed, just because you don’t like it. What we don’t like. What I don’t like… What we don’t like, is the terror on our black brothers and sisters.

Back to the issue at hand, brutality. Brutality by those called to ‘protect and serve.’

I started writing this, because I was hoping that some sort of magical solution would come to me that I could share with you. I want to snap my fingers, and pray that you ‘get it.’

Now, I’ll just pray. I’ll pray that you go to sleep with this on your mind. You’ll wake up thinking that ‘maybe — just by chance — this little black boy was right. Maybe there’s something happening that I’m not paying attention to.’

Maybe you’ll think that. Maybe you’ll reach out to a black friend or associate of yours, and ask them what their reality is. Maybe.

Oh – and btw, there’s another one.
RIP, #TerenceCrutcher.

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