Some of you really want to know what we’re thinking. Us. Your neighbors. Coworkers. Darker skinned, American citizens. You want to know. At least you pretend to.

Yet, you don’t wonder how it feels to have genuine concerns disregarded and played to the left. Genuine thoughts and ideals downplayed. Genuine feelings rejected. Genuine rhetoric about our lives conjoined to the ridiculous notion that we’re in fact, terrorists. Ungrateful citizens. Disrespectful by the masses.Dangerous. You, citizens of the same country we live in, rant and rave about us stomping around and demanding justice. You reject our pain. You refuse to acknowledge our struggle. You unconsciously and subconsciously declare war on us, simply banishing us back to the ghettos you built for us. You.

For a black man, in America… Who am I? To you, I’m African-American. A politically correct name you gave us, as we began to reject the ‘colored’ label. We don’t even really turn colors. A title that still separates us. Still labels us. Yet, you don’t know that the same Africa that we come from, looks at us as one of you. They don’t consider us African, but, simply American. To them, we are not them, but we are you. Who are we? We are Americans. Black. Americans.

You tell us that you want America to be great again. Great? When was it great? Who was it great for? We legally had all of our freedoms by 1968. 1968. That is not even 50 years. So as an educated black man, with complete thoughts, what do I think about when I hear a 70 year old, privileged white male talk about making something “great” again? How far back are we going, and what exactly is it that you want to do? That’s what I think about. That’s where my brain goes.

I’m chillin. I need to hear both sides and I need to understand it all. As I watch the hate and evil rhetoric being spewed, I can’t help but think that this what a civilized Ku Klux Klan rally may be like.
These people. These conservative, mostly “Christian” people. The same ones that want a decent value system to return to this country, that we all live in, but want me to focus on my people killing each other instead of shining light on our civil protectors killing us. Flipping the simple narrative of us saying, ‘we matter too’– to us wanting to end the lives of us innocent cops. Foolishness.

This is the kind of stuff I think about.

I keep watching.
It is wonderful to hear Donald Trump’s gorgeous immigrant wife talk about how inclusive he is, with her freedoms that she has legally and literally. It’s wonderful, while he’s attempting to strip others of those same things. Strip. Prevent. Alter. Control. Me? Me and us blacks. We’ll just sit here. We’ll continue to beg for some literal along with our legal.

This is what I’m thinking.


-American Black Man

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