It’s official!  For those of you that have been following my radio career — you know that for the last two years I’ve been live from Atlanta at Vibe 105, with my show “#TurnUp” every Saturday morning from 8am – 12pm (est).  I’ve had the time of my life… and really for the first time ever doing a solo gig with arguably one of the best audiences one could ask for.  Thankfully, my show has expanded and grown — past Atlanta and as far West as Reno, NV.  This past Saturday, I made the announcement that I’d be moving from Vibe 105 and joining a new network.  I guess I neglected to mention that Vibe 105 would be moving too — to the new network, and to make things easy for the listeners, I’ll be simulcasted (live on both stations).


Here’s the gist of it all —

  1. Saturday July 5th, TurnUp moves to BossFM’s #TheHashtag studios in Atlanta, Georgia
  2. I’m still broadcasting live all over and online — same great stations; same time.
  3. Better content.  More interactive.  Live web cams.
  4. I’m stoked!

Listen to my announcement here — and join me on #TheHashtag beginning on July 5th:

Moving to The Hashtag


Find out more about BossFM and the new stations that I’ll be affiliated with by visiting www.boss.fm 

Read the Press Release about Boss FM and the big changes happening at Catalyst Radio here.

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