I perused my social media sites this morning, similar to the way most of us do… any morning.  I was interested in the way that most people posted their status’ this morning.  Everywhere I looked, I saw:


My pastor, the Great Bishop ____ _____ is wrecking lives this morning!

I’m so blessed to be under the tutelage of Apostle _____ ______.  #bestchurch #holy

Increase! Increase! Increase! I’m walking in divine favor! #Increase #MyChurch #FavorAintFair

I started to think about how and why so many of us attend church, and how many people actually know that we believe in this Jesus and His saving grace.  How often do we share our faith? – and do we parallel the fact that we attend church, post a status or tweet and tell everyone how great our Pastor is with sharing our faith?

Sharing your faith isn’t a difficult thing. Telling someone what God has done for you is just as easy as telling someone what your neighbor or friend did for you. It’s amazing how complex we have to make something that is so simple.

Just tell the story.  Tell your story. Be genuine, leave out the unnecessary parts and be honest. You’ll be amazed at how you will connect with others, just by sharing your journey and the reason why you believe what you believe.

Less than 1% of American Christians share their faith with someone every year. 93% of us never lead anyone else to Jesus. I believe it’s because we’ve made it way too complicated. You may love your pastor or the Great Mount Sinai Holy Church with the long name that you attend every week, but in essence, that’s not why you’re in relationship with The Lord.

People can argue with you on whether or not Jesus is real all day long – and believe me – they will. The truth is, they can never dispute your story. They can never deny what’s happened to you, any of your experiences, what He’s done for you and how your life has been changed (if it has been).  Often times, our churches remind us of Matthew 28:16-20, The Great Commission, as well they should, but I believe that The Great Commission starts with conversation.  Relationship.  You telling your story and letting the rest happen as it should.

Today, I encourage you to share your faith with someone. Be honest. Be you. Share the love.

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