Today I spent a good amount of time analyzing my perspective on this wonderful thing we call “life.”  A few days ago, I spent lots of time wondering (even the time I spent with friends and family…) why my reactions and actions are what they are.  I don’t know if that sentence made much sense.  Why are my actions… what they are?  Why do I react the way that I do?  Why is my perspective always so different from others that I encounter?  Why do I look at opportunities differently?  …Even the alien syndrome which forces me to pose the question — “What planet am I from?”  We’ll address all of that in a minute.

Today is November 1. Two months left. Yeah… That’s it. 2 months.  New Year’s Resolutions …should be near completion by now.  DONE.  Have you gotten close to the goals that you’ve set for yourself?  I had an interesting conversation with someone who told me… 

I don’t set goals anymore… seems pointless to me…

Damn. What a harsh reality, but unfortunately this was indeed… this person’s REALity.  Pointless.  Goals… are pointless? There are a lot of things about life that could be pointless (…like listening to music by Brandy… or better yet… Keri) …however there’s so much more to life that isn’t.  I am certain that I was put on the earth for a reason… and for the majority of my life I thought I knew exactly why.  Truthfully, now I think that I know the direction that I should be headed in… and I think there are a number of things that I will have to accomplish throughout my journey, but I don’t think I know the ‘ultimate’ reason that I was put here. Is there ONE specific reason?  Does one ever TRULY know?  These are probably great questions.. for some other day.

Most of the time, we as “people” don’t consider the big picture – or alternative perspectives – and make decisions based on current situations, setbacks or incomplete facts.  This is out of order.  As I write this… I’m realizing that my decision making process has also started to shift.  In the past, decisions that I thought were mature or well-thoughtout now seem mindless or senseless.  Many of those decisions… I would never make again… but I digress.


Often times… we’re very limited in our decision making and with making decisions because of the way that we choose to look at situations.  When you’re optimistic enough to choose to see that your glass is only “half-full” …you’re often encouraged to keep moving forward… so that you can, in essence, fill up.  The full-glass perspective is a good one to have-but it is also a choice…  Here’s how I look at it:

Half Full –>> I’ve got to get there
Full –>> I’ve gotten here… and it’s not enough
Overflowing –>> I’ve gotten here, I’m gettin’ it… and I’m not gonna stop

All three of these scenarios are safe places to be in… maybe not the best of the best… but at least mentally safe.  They put you in a position to want better, to do better — and to inevitably engage others.  Don’t try to do it all by yourself.  You’re making it harder for yourself.


Thinkin’ back to the quote I just shared with you… and the conversation about a person no longer having any goals… I’m certain that he was operating from one of the half-empty-esque mentalities.  I try not to fall into these too often… but sometimes you just end up here [ugh].

Half Empty –>> I’m running out… and running out fast. I can’t keep up with everything coming my way.
Empty –>> I’ve run out. I’m tired [lonely]. I’m frustrated. I’m not motivated.
Broken –>> Not only am I out, I’m not sure if/how to attain fulfillment again.

Truthfully… you have bad days.  You have bad “seasons” (i hate that word… reminds me too much of church).  But… it’s true.  I once heard a great man say… “don’t let a bad moment… turn into a bad life.”  You have the ability to alter the way the you feel and your life in general, based on the decisions that you make.

I have to remind myself of this scenario… and often ask myself… “Alex, how are you looking at this?”  …If I realize that I am looking at it from all of the negative aspects, many times I can’t even fathom the idea of getting out of a rut.  On the flip side, when I look at things… in more of a positive outlook, I find that not only can I see more than one way out of my mess… but I will look for people… that can help me… not hurt me. We’ll talk about that next.

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